Straight Through - Bonnet

Bonnet Variations

Sealed Bonnets

Available in type 'O' and type 'N'. Viton 'O' rings are standard. Other 'O' ring materials available. Spindle material stainless steel is standard

Extended spindles

Available in all sizes and can be fitted on the spot

Sliding spindle

Valves can be supplied with sliding spindle bonnets for use with automatic actuation

Pneumatic & electric actuators

A wide choice of models, suitable to operate diaphragm valves in open/close or throttling conditions, with positioner, microswitch, spring failsafe and manual options, is offered with the KIM diaphragm valve range


Overclosure adjustment

A:- remove handwheel pin

B:- Turn handwheel counterclockwise one turn

C:- Insert a piece of steel wire

D:- Close valve tightly and remove steel wire

E:- Turn handwheel clockwise until sleeve seats on bonnet rim and reinsert handwheel pin


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When the valve is properly closed these two metal surfaces will seat and prevent over-compression of diaphragm


Cross Slots


The handwheel is screwed onto the valve spindle and fixed in the proper position by inserting the pin into one of the four cross slots